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Low in Fat | No Trans Fat | | Low in Saturated Fat | No Preservatives | Natural Ingredients | Only 38 Calories Per Bite

Eggplant Parm Bites – Bringing You a Whole New Taste in Eggplant
If you are looking for a healthy, natural and delicious treat, Dominex Eggplant Parm Bites are the answer! This classic combination of healthy eggplant, zesty marinara sauce and rich cheeses is ideal for snacks, appetizers or as part of a complete meal, along with a soup or salad. They are a quick and easy, convenient new way to enjoy the great taste of traditional Eggplant mealtime or anytime.

As with all Dominex Eggplant products, we use only fresh eggplant that are cooked and packaged just days after being harvested - we never use stored, frozen vegetables. In addition, we have carefully formulated our Parm Bites to avoid any artificial ingredients.This guarantees you fresh, great taste.

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