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Retail & Club Products

Low in Fat | Cholesterol Free | No Saturated or Trans Fats | Good Source of Fiber | Only 90 Calories per Patty

Eggplant Burgers – A Delicious and Low-Fat Protein Alternative
We’ve taken eggplant in an entirely new direction: the American Original Eggplant Burger. We combine fresh eggplant with natural seasonings and ingredients to create a healthy alternative to both conventional and meatless burgers. Our burgers are made from only fresh eggplant and are cooked and packaged just days after being harvested - we never use stored, frozen vegetables. This guarantees you fresh, great taste.

Like the Dominex Eggplant Cutlets, we keep the peel when preparing the Eggplant Burger. Seeds and peel are your sign that Dominex Eggplant Burgers are an excellent whole food source of antioxidants. More flavors to follow!

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