Dominex’ Natural Foods family of products provides you with a culinary, convenient and great tasting way to start a meal, create a flavorful side or start the meal with a perfect appetizer.  Our vegan and vegetarian products focus on providing you with a meatless choice that will entice your inner chef. 

AngelBowls are our newest creation born from our signature Dominex eggplant cutlets. We've created great-tasting heavenly flavors with your busy lifestyle in mind. Our AngelBowls are made with no GMO ingredients, sauces made from scratch, layered with lots of great tasting veggies...all served in an eco-friendly bowl. Try them all!

Note: Our online store is currently under construction.

See our exciting NEW AngelFoods packaging below. Find us in the freezer section.


eat Your Veggies

Low in Fat

Because our products are made from vegetables they are low in fat and have zero trans fats.

Cholesterol Free

Dominex Eggplant products are the perfect meatless substitute having 1/3 of the calories.

source of Antioxidants

Eggplant contains high levels of antioxidant compounds that protects the body's cells
against oxidative damage.

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