Where to Buy our Products

Please use the search below to find a retail location near you that carries one of the Dominex Natural Foods frozen products.

As we can't guarantee which products each location will have in stock, we would encourage you to call the store first. If your search doesn't provide any results, try expanding your search radius. If at first you find that our products are not available in your area, please contact our customer service specialist at 844-660-9838 and we will ask our sales team to reach out to the store for placement. Please check back often as our Where to Buy is updated frequently.

If you are interested in joining our network of retailers, please visit the Contact Us page. Dominex products are located in the freezer section of the store in the frozen vegetable/entree section.

Not At Your Favorite Store?

Often times the product selection within a store is driven by the requests and buying patterns of it’s customers.  If you can’t find the Dominex product that you are looking for in your favorite store, please print off this PRODUCT REQUEST Form and complete. Take this form with you the next time you are shopping and give it to the customer service department or management team.  By submitting this form, it lets the store know that you would like to purchase this item were it available.  Thank you for your passion for our Dominex products.

Note: The search radius is reflected in miles. We have over 4,000 retail locations where our products are sold so it may take a moment for this page to load.